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Our Catering Menu

Entree Options

Pulled Pork 

Jay’s Smoked Pulled Pork is a fan favorite. Starting with a quality cut of pork butt and then the meat is seasoned with Jay’s 21 spice rub and slow-smoked to perfection. The pork is tender and juicy and ready for one of our great barbecue sauces and a bun. We have to say, many of our guests skip the sauce and the bun and enjoy the meat on its own! 


Smoked Beef Brisket

If you love the robust flavor of beef, you will really love it made with our special seasonings and slow-roasted on the smoker. Jay doesn’t add sauce to the meat, allowing our guests to choose a sauce of their choice. 

Smoked Corned Beef Brisket

You read that right, Jay makes a smoked corned beef brisket that is the talk of the town – and not just on St Patrick’s Day! It is a unique flavor and a delicious twist on one of our customers’ favorite meats. 

Smoked Baby Back Ribs | Spare Ribs | Jerk Ribs

Anyway you choose, our ribs are amazing. Seasoned with one of our special flavors and cooked to tender deliciousness, these ribs are nothing short of amazing! 

Pork Shoulder Steaks

If you are a  fan of pork chops, you will love these smoked pork steaks. So meaty and delicious, rubbed with our 21 spice rub or seasoned with Jay’s famous jerk sauce. A terrific option for meat lovers in your party.

Jerk Chicken | Grilled Chicken | Wings

Jay’s Jerk Chicken rivals the beach grills in Negril! The perfect spice combination with just the right amount of heat. We can also provide marinated and grilled chicken or barbecue chicken for your event. Flavored your way, cooked Jay’s way. And if wings are your thing, you can have them grilled or smoked with a seasoning of your choice too.

Smoked Sausage 

If you are looking for a more traditional backyard cook-out style menu, you can start with our smoked sausages. They are sure to please with great seasoning and a hint of smoke. We can also cater traditional hot dogs and burgers with all the toppings and sides to complement the meal.   


Side Dishes


Mac N Cheese

If you, please! Anyone who has had our creamy and delicious mac n cheese will tell you that it’s amazing. Made with ridged ziti pasta so each bite is covered with cheesy sauce and baked perfectly. For our vegetarian customers, this mac n cheese is a meal in itself!  

Other Side Dish Options

  • Power greens – These are not your Mama’s greens! We start with a combination of greens and add onions and seasoning. This is a vegetarian-style dish that our guests rave about.
  • Baked Beans – Rich, dark sauce and flavored just right, tangy and sweet. What better way to compliment our smoked meats?
  • Fresh Salad with your choice of dressings
  • Southern Style Potato Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Broccoli or Cabbage Slaw
  • Green Beans
  • Mashed Potatoes – with garlic or au natural. Rich and buttery either way.
* A note for our vegetarian guests: We are happy to prepare many of our items to fit your vegetarian lifestyle. If you are interested in these options, Jay will be happy to help you choose a menu that will delight you and your guests!